Not all Surge protection is created equal

Three Kinds of Protection

TYPE 1 SPD - Utility provided

        Example would be at your electrical meter and would be a monthly service charge. Warranty protections would vary depending on your municipality.

TYPE 2 SPD - Provided and installed by Clear Choice Electric.

    Is main protection system for all 240/120 volt systems in residential housing. The system we install provides up to $75,000 maximum warranty for any electrical equipment in your home. This system is located at your main electrical panel and protects all of your electrical equipment in your home.

TYPE 3 SPD - A power strip or USB backup.

    Quality varies here! They are great for additional backup protection for your sensitive equipment. Read the warranty paperwork very carefully because not all power strips are created equally.

If it's electrical, it's at risk...

  1. Televisions ($500)
  2. Computers ($1000)
  3. HVAC ($4000)
  4. Microwaves ($200)
  5. Stove/Oven ($400)
  6. Modem (A two hour call with cable company)
  7. Washer ($350)
  8. Dryer ($450)
  9. Stereo ($250)
  10. Car charger ($200)
  11. Garage door opener ($250)
  12. Doorbell ($150)
  13. Refrigerator ($350)
  14. and many more....
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